Unique Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs.

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You already know all the basic productivity tips, things like taking breaks, setting goals, tuning out distractions, and the list goes on. But what about the unique productivity tips that most people don’t talk about? I’m talking about the ones that make you go, ‘Oh, that’s how they do it”.

There was a point where I used to genuinely wonder how other people were able to get so much done. But now I know that it all comes down to productivity.

So because of that, I’m always searching for new productivity tips. Here are some unique tips that I think will help you as an entrepreneur.

Redefining Breaks: The Concept of Productive Pauses

I used to have the idea that as long as I got work done, I deserved a break, and that would mean I could sit on the couch, eat potato chips, and watch an episode on YouTube or Netflix.

Instead, what I recommend is taking productive breaks. What this looks like is focusing on your work for as long as you can, and when you feel the need to take a break, switch over to doing a task that doesn’t require too much of your attention.

For instance, instead of spending your break sitting down, eating potato chips, and watching a YouTube video, you can opt to do something more productive like cleaning, organizing, or any other task that doesn’t require too much concentration, allowing you to take a break from your concentration-heavy work before diving back into it.

Embracing Swift Action: Think Less, Do More

A lot of the time, we overthink and end up doing absolutely nothing. The best thing to do is not to spend a lot of time thinking about what you wanna do or what you’re going to do but instead take action. The best way I found to do this is to count to three when there’s something that you need to do, and by the time you reach zero, do it regardless of how you feel.

Pre-Plan Your Day: The Evening Blueprint

Regardless of whether you have a morning routine or not, you’re going to want to include this in it. The best way to have a productive day is by setting out what it’s going to look like. Planning out your day first thing in the morning is a surefire way to guarantee the most productivity, as you have the most control over your day.

The ‘Might As Well’ Philosophy

OK, so this is pretty much like killing two birds with one stone. basically, you’re gonna be able to get a lot more done by stacking two tasks together, getting more done in less time.

So basically what I do is while I’m already getting one thing done I will scan and look around to see if there’s anything adjacent to me or near me that I can also get done in one go and then I’ll just tell myself “oh well I might as well” and I end up doing two tasks in the same amount of time it would take for one. For example, if I’m already going to take out the trash, I might as well walk the dog.

The Bully Method: Proactivity Over Passivity

A lot of the time, we wait for something to happen before we take action to be productive. A good way to mediate this is the idea of being the bully. Basically, instead of waiting for productivity to strike, you take the lead and start with the simplest thing that you can do, the idea is that then this first step will catapult you into doing the next step, and so on and so on.

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