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The Breville Juicer is currently on sale and makes a great beginner juicer for anyone looking to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet.

For a long time, the thought of a juicer was one of those things only rich people would have, and cheaping out on one just seemed like it would be more work, but I was wrong. The Breville Juicer is currently on sale and makes a great beginner juicer. As a result, I’ve made juices I’d never thought I’d drink and, better yet, vegetables I’ve never even eaten.


Set up is easy basicly just take it out of the box and plug it in no kidding I just tossed the instructions away.

I will say though one thing that is very important is keeping your machine clean after every use other than that its as simple as picking your speed and and and putting your choice of fruits and vegetables down the shoot.


Lately, we’ve been keeping a lot more fruits and vegetables in our house, and sometimes it sucks because we end up letting some of it go to waste.

We’ve debated getting a juicer for a while so of course when we saw this one go on sale it didn’t take much to convince us a whole few hours later we were playing with it at home.

The juicer helps us turn the fruits and vegetables we normally throw away into juice that we can enjoy much easier and quicker. 


The best thing about the juice is the flavor omg I swear almost everything taste good even when you add something questionable you can just add more of something else and get a better tasting drink.

So far these are the juices we have made that tasted delicious:

Green Lean Machine: 

3 green apple’s 

2 kiwi 

1 cup of kale,


Orange sunset 

1 Pineapple

2 Oranges

Tip: add it to a cup of ice with Topo Chico mineral water.

I’ll keep updating this of juices I make if you end grabbing one as well let me know your favorite juices down below.

Lucas Silva


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