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Grabbed my morning coffee and took care of the few things I needed to do. Stopped by this deli I’ve been meaning to try. Forget about Starbucks and Chipotle when you’re in town, hit up whatever is closest to you.

On that note, I stopped by this hat shop. I ended up meeting the owner a few weeks ago, which is crazy because I’ve been meaning to stop in there but just haven’t had the time, or the shop was closed.

But the vibe is absolutely great. 10/10 would recommend. It’s a great one-day activity with something fun to do.

It’s simple: pick a hat, pick a patch, match them up, and Wes the owner sews them on for you right there on the spot.

There are a lot of hat options to pick from. I’m more into the dad hat and trucker hat style, but regardless of the style or panel count, Wes, the owner, is down to help you find your perfect one.

I like the variety of patches offered. They are primarily hand-picked and designed by Wes himself. I got to know his secret recipe that makes each patch so unique, but I won’t tell you though.

But if hats aren’t really your thing, he also has t-shirts and even hoodies that you can customize.

Lucas Silva


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