You Just Need To Start.

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The reason why you haven’t done it yet isn’t because you need a new camera or it needs to be perfect. It’s because you just need to start.

Im not saying that the right tools don’t make the job easier. I have a camera lens in my shopping cart right now that would make my content creation a lot easier, but it would also send my bank account into critical conditions 🫠.

Yes, having the right tool is important, but developing the skill to work with what you have is even more valuable. Once you develop the skill the tool becomes irrelevant and you’ll be able to achive the goal you’re reaching for but first you just need to start.

and stop making excuses like…

I need the perfect opportunity to start.

The first excuse we make is that we need the perfect opportunity to start, but that’s not the truth. The truth is that you need to start just as you are. I haven’t used my camera in a while because, as I mentioned I’m waiting to get a certain lens that I want.

Yesterday I decided to just create a video using my camera, I charged up the battery cleared out the memory card pressed record, and started shooting my video when I went to sit down and edit the video I realized I hadn’t turned on the microphone.

Rather than making the excuse that the video wasn’t good enough, I just posted it anyway, and guess what no one said anything about the audio in fact it was one of my most shared videos on Instagram. Maybe it was because I slapped a song over it, but that mistake helped me realize that trying to be perfect is an easy excuse to just not start.

I don’t have the right tools.

Remember how I told you there’s a certain camera lens that I want? Well another excuse that we make for why we can’t start is that we don’t have the right tools, and for that, I have to ask… Have you ever seen Macgyver?

My first camera was a Canon T4i and I was convinced that I needed to buy a new camera in order to get better pictures. So when I bought my camera back in 2019, it sat for two years because it wasn’t a new camera that I needed it was actually the skill to use it that I needed.

I’ve been using my phone to create the majority of the videos that I posted on my Instagram up until the last one where I told you that I forgot to turn on the microphone. But moving forward, I want to start using my camera because I realized that it wasn’t a new camera lens that I needed to start using my camera. It was just the excuse I was making that I didn’t have the right tool.

Just start

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s about time you stopped creating excuses and made the thing happen already. The longer you wait, the more challenging it becomes. Although things may start off messy and sloppy, just show up as you are and everything will work itself out.

Lucas Silva


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