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Quick Summary

The Pomodoro Technique boosts productivity by breaking tasks into 25-minute intervals with short breaks, reducing overwhelm, and enhancing focus.
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For the most part, building an online business isn’t easy, and you’ll likely be working on it in the spare time you have after work and other responsibilities. If you aren’t clear on exactly what you need to do, you’ll waste a lot of time and end up feeling unproductive.

But it’s not that you’re unproductive; you’re probably just trying to finish all your tasks at once, which is overwhelming and causes you to do very little or nothing at all. Think about it like trying to eat a steak—you wouldn’t eat it all in one go without cutting it into more manageable pieces first. So, trying to complete everything at once is impractical.

The key to being more productive is to break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable sections. One way to do this is by using the Pomodoro technique. This is a simple time management system that helps you break your work into more digestible time intervals. Here’s how to use it.

Understanding The Pomodoro Technique

Francesco Cirillo used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to develop this technique, so he named it the Pomodoro Technique, which is the Italian word for tomato. It involves breaking work or tasks into 25-minute intervals separated by short breaks.

If you think about it, it makes sense why it’s so effective. I remember some time ago, I had to run a long distance, and I was feeling overwhelmed about it. I’m not sure exactly who told me this, but they suggested that instead of thinking about the entire distance, I should focus on reaching the next tree or the closest object, and then the next one, and so on.

That concept is the same as the Pomodoro Technique, with the only difference being that instead of distance intervals, it’s time intervals.

How To Use The Pomodoro Technique:

1. Define Your Tasks: Start by clearly defining what you need to accomplish.

2. Set a Timer: Set a timer for 25 minutes and work exclusively on your task until the timer rings.

3. Take a Break: Once the timer goes off, take a short 5-minute break to rest and recharge.

4. Repeat and Track: Repeat this cycle for four Pomodoros, then take a longer break of 15-30 minutes.

Why The Pomodoro Technique Works So Well

There are a few reasons why the Pomodoro Technique works so well for many people. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t explain the science behind it, but here are a few reasons why it’s so helpful:

Firstly, it makes it easier to get started. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by starting something difficult that will take a long time, you only have to focus on 25 minutes of work. Whatever you get done in that time is enough, so it’s easier to start because you’re not thinking about the entire task.

Additionally, you’re distraction-free. If you try to complete a long project in one go, you’ll usually lose interest and eventually turn to your phone as a tool for distraction rather than using your phone as a productivity tool to avoid your work. By having set breaks between focus periods, you’re less likely to feel the urge to find distractions.

It also helps you understand how much time tasks actually take. We tend to fill the time given to complete something, so if you have a week for a project, you’ll take the whole week. Breaking it down into 25-minute intervals helps you find the most effective way to work, and you realize that you need less time to complete something than you anticipated.

Finally, it’s addicting. You’ll feel so good about how much you got done in the first Pomodoro that you’ll want to improve with each one, making them more effective.

Tips For Staying Productive

It’s as simple as it sounds: set a timer, do as much work as possible, set another timer for a break, and rest. Then, return to your work with another timer. However, there are some things you can do to make it even more effective. For example:

Be Productive With Your 5-Minute Pomodoro Break

The five-minute break should be used to reflect and recharge to remain focused on your task. Avoid distractions while you’re on break, such as:

  • Going on your phone.
  • Starting another big task.
  • Losing track of your break.

I find it best to use my break for little tasks that don’t require too much mental focus, like moving clothes from the washer to the dryer or picking up a small mess. Avoid big tasks, though, because you can easily get distracted and turn a five-minute break into a full-blown 40-minute task that you’re too deep into to quit and return to your Pomodoro task. A common issue with the Pomodoro Technique is that people turn to cheap sources of dopamine, like TikTok or Instagram, during their breaks. This is a killer for productivity, so try not to do that.

Keep it Simple

As I said, it’s a really simple technique. Some people will tell you that you need to buy a special timer or an app to use it, but honestly, you just need a way of keeping track of time. I recommend using the timer on your phone, but if you have an Alexa or Google smart speaker, it will help you disconnect from your phone more. You can also just keep an active track of time, but doing this means you’re checking the clock every few minutes, disrupting your focus.

Pair It With A Good System

The Pomodoro Technique is great, but pairing it with a good system will make it even more effective. Focus on setting up a good working environment that works best for you. Maybe that’s a quiet space in your house or being around other people at a coffee shop with a good pair of noise-canceling headphones to block out distractions and help you stay focused on what you’re doing. Find what works best for you and make a habit of it. All this together creates a time management system that allows you to stay productive, get more work done, and stop procrastinating.

Final thoughts

If you do it correctly the Pomodoro Technique becomes a simple and effective way to help boost boost your productivity. It encourages you to focus, reduces stress, and enables you to manage time more efficiently. By integrating this method into your routine and avoiding distractions during breaks, you can accomplish more in less time and enhance your productivity.

Quick Summary

The Pomodoro Technique boosts productivity by breaking tasks into 25-minute intervals with short breaks, reducing overwhelm, and enhancing focus.


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