“If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit”

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Hustle culture is promoted today more than ever. We're told we have to work and grind day and night, only sleeping 4-5 hours a day. Essentially the more you do, the better you're doing.

Anyone working on a business or starting an entrepreneur journey knows the journey can be challenging. However, the most important thing to keep in mind during your journey is that if you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.

While navigating my own entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned that sometimes it can seem like there’s never enough time in the day.

There’s always something that could be done, should be done, or needs to be done, and that’s why I think this quote by Bansky is probably the best advice I’ve heard.

Why do most people end up quitting on their journey?

For most of us, the entrepreneurial journey is a lonely road where you end up wearing all the hats in the begging.

All the work you have to do in the beginning when getting your business started can be a lot, leaving you tired, not to mention when you’re working towards a new goal; there’s always a lot of friction keeping you from going forward.

If you continue to push through that friction with the hustle culture mentality I mentioned earlier, you’ll eventually reach a point of burnout.

Once you reach this point, the work ahead can seem so much that quitting is just easier than to keep going.

If you are tired, learn to rest, not quit.

Recently I’ve felt this burnout myself. I’ve been pushing to reach my goals and build the lifestyle I want but not considering myself. It got to a point where I almost felt like throwing in the towel and going back to what I was doing before.

Taking a break felt like I was throwing in the towel on my business and quitting because if I wasn’t always working towards my goals, I wasn’t being successful. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I recently had a lot of family events that I had to attend, which took my attention away from my business and everything that Im building, but thankfully it was exactly what I needed. It was the break I was too scared to take.

Connecting with family and being out in nature is exactly what I needed, and it’s exactly what you need, too, if you’re feeling burnt out in life. Doing so allows you to breathe and take a step back and look at your journey from an outside perspective.

Summary: You should learn to rest, not quit, if you are tired.

The typical approach for most individuals is to push through whatever challenges they face. Although this is important and helpful in some cases, sometimes pushing yourself too hard can cause you to burn out, leaving you with no energy to move forward.

Let’s be honest; you began your journey for a reason, and if you can’t show up for yourself, how will your business benefit?

The best thing to do is to remember that you have to reward yourself for all the hard work you are doing, even if that reward is taking a break to get away from the work you do on a day-to-day basis.

If you want to eliminate the possibility of burning yourself out in the future, the solution is to stop working in your business and instead start working on your business. What this looks like is hiring new employees and delegating as much as possible to free up your time from the most consuming things accentually wearing fewer hats.

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