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This is everything I’ve learned as a power user and how to get the most out of your phone.

To use your phone more productively, you need to make an effort to consciously think of it as a tool to help you reduce your workload. Try using more of these apps, methods, and features to increase your productivity on your phone.


  • Calendar App
  • Reminder App
  • Notes App
  • Email App


  • Connectivity
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Siri
  • Time limit

How your phone can improve your productivity.

Your phone is intended to help you get more done, but because of apps and social media, we tend to spend a lot of our time on our phones simply scrolling and playing games.

Using your phone more as a tool than an entertainment device can help you free up space both physically and mentally as you take notes of things on you notes app and jot down quick ideas you get the point. You already have your phone with you, so why not use it instead of keeping everything in your head.

The trick is to optimize your phone for more than just entertainment.

Optimizing doesn’t mean deleting your favorite social media apps and games. We both know you’d just redownload everything again in a few days.

Don’t act like you haven’t closed an app just to open it again…😂

Apps to help you be more productive on your phone.

There are a lot of good apps out there designed for productivity. Notion is one of my favorite ones, it allows you to organize every aspect of your life in one workspace. But to be honest with you, no one app will get the job done. Instead, you’ll most likely have to use a few of them together.

Rather than downloading a new app to fix the problem, you can use the pre-installed apps on your phone to get the most out of your phone. The key is learning to optimize the time you spend on your phone while being more organized.

These are the apps I would recommend you use more consciously.

The Calendar App:

Add any time-sensitive activity or event to your calendar app, and be as detailed as possible with address, time, links, and any other important information and attachments.

Tip: You can add travel time with updated traffic details for every event.

Reminder App:

Keep an ongoing to-do list for anything you need. The goal is to be as organized as possible. I like to create individual groups and then take the most important ones into their own group and display it on my home screen.

Notes App:

Use your notes for everything else, ideas, notes, things you’re working on, etc. Similar to before, the key here is to be as organized as possible.

Email App:

The last one is keeping up with your email. Your email is your online mailbox of 2023, so keep it clean like that drawer with a stack of paper in the back.

I learned that keeping everything organized is the key to productivity. Rather than jumping around on social media, I can always check one of these apps and see if there’s anything I can work on.

Productivity tips and tricks for iPhone.

As I said earlier, these are just the pre-installed apps on your iPhone. There are also other apps that can help you be even more productive on your iPhone. You can also use it in junction to a few other settings with your iPhone, such as.


With the iPhone, you can take advantage of connectivity. This basically syncs all of your Apple devices so that you can start something on your phone, move over to your laptop, and then finish it off on your iPad, as all of your apps and settings will be automatically synced.


This has been around for quite a while on the iPhone, and it makes a world of difference when you’re trying to avoid distraction with the IOS. You can create custom focus modes that configure what notifications, apps, and contacts are allowed when turned on.


In addition to custom focus modes, iOS allows creating notification summaries. This way, you can prioritize important ones and minimize distractions, making it easier to stay focused and productive in your daily tasks.


when you’re hands are busy, call Siri I mainly use it to create notes, send messages, and like songs, its especially useful in your car alongside carplay.


One of the most useful settings to improve phone productivity is the screen time limit, which is often overlooked. You can select one or multiple apps to restrict the time you spend on them. This can be especially helpful for apps like social media that can easily become a distraction.

Get the most out of your phone as a power user.

What you’re basically doing is learning to use all of those so-called hidden features that come with your iPhone, the ones that make you go, “Oh, wow, did you know you could do this?”.

There are channels blogs, and articles dedicated to uncovering these features. Here are some of my favorite iPhone hidden features.

  • You can long-press the space bar and move the editor cursor.

  • tapping the clock/top bar on any page will take you quickly to the top.
  • You can press and hold down the shift key and use the space bar as a selector for text.

Use your phone or the old-fashioned way…

You can always write everything down and use a physical calendar. In fact that might work out better for you as productivity is a personal journey, you need to counsily practice it and try out different method and workflows Trying these tips and tricks I discussed is the best way to see if it works for you to adjust accordingly.

Lucas Silva


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