Essential Mac & iPhone Shortcuts For Maximum Productivity.

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Discover essential Mac and iPhone shortcuts to boost productivity for online entrepreneurs. Learn keyboard shortcuts for Mac and touch gestures for iPhone to streamline your workflow and grow your online business.

Being tech-savvy is a bit of a requirement if you’re building an online business. For Mac and iPhone users, there’s a wealth of keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures that can boost efficiency and productivity.

Although I am selfishly doing this to keep an ongoing list of commands for when I forget these are some of the shortcuts I have found most interesting in helping me build an online business.

I was writing an article and wanted to include an emoji in the title on my computer I have a touch bar that displays the emojis but scrolling to find one isn’t ideal

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Command (⌘) + SpacebarLaunch Spotlight, your all-in-one search tool.
Command (⌘) + TabSeamlessly switch between open applications.
Command (⌘) + C and Command (⌘) + VThe fundamental copy and paste shortcuts.
Command (⌘) + WClose the active window or tab, keeping your workspace tidy.
Command (⌘) + TOpen new tabs in browsers or Finder windows for efficient file management.
Command (⌘) + HHide the current application instantly when distractions strike.
Command (⌘) + Option + EscOpen the Force Quit Applications window to tackle unresponsive apps.
Command (⌘) + Option + DToggle the Dock’s visibility, granting quick access to your favorite apps.
Command (⌘) + Control + SpacebarAccess the Character Viewer for special characters and emojis.
Command (⌘) + Shift + 3Capture full-screen screenshots with ease.
Command (⌘) + Shift + 4Take a screenshot of a selected portion of the screen.
Command (⌘) + Arrow KeysNavigate through documents or web pages.
Command (⌘) + DeleteDelete the entire line of text.
Command (⌘) + , (comma)Open application preferences.
Command (⌘) + Option + TShow or hide the Toolbar in Finder.
Command (⌘) + Option + LOpen Downloads folder in Finder.
Command (⌘) + Option + Up/Down ArrowJump to the top or bottom of a document.
Command (⌘) + Shift + UOpen the Utilities folder in Finder.
Command (⌘) + Option + Eject (⏏)Sleep your Mac immediately.

iPhone Touch Gestures

Swipe Up from the BottomSwiftly return to the home screen from any app.
Swipe Down from the Top Right (iPhone X and later)Gain instant access to the Control Center, where essential settings and devices are at your fingertips.
Swipe Down from the Top Left (iPhone X and later)Keep tabs on your notifications without leaving your current task.
Double-Tap the Back of the iPhone (iOS 14 and later)Trigger custom actions with this unique gesture.
Swipe Left or Right on the Home ScreenAccess widgets for at-a-glance information.
3D Touch (iPhone 6s and later)Peek and Pop in apps for previews and quick actions.
Long-Press (Haptic Touch, iPhone XR and later)Access context menus and notifications by pressing and holding your finger on various elements.
Swipe Right on a Text Message in MessagesMark a message as read or unread with a simple swipe.
Swipe Left on the Spacebar (iOS 15 and later)Switch between keyboard layouts swiftly.
Swipe Left or Right on the Safari Address BarNavigate through open tabs in your browser effortlessly.

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