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If you are a blogger and looking for ways to monetize your blogs besides relying on Google AdSense, you might want to take some time and read this post.

As a blogger, you want an affiliate program that you can easily work with and has products or services related to your website.

Most businesses and products have an affiliate program you can always find at the bottom of their website. There’s also affiliate networks, these are online sites that give you access to a pool of companies and products offering affiliate partnerships.

I think these are great for bloggers and website owners because you can quickly and easily find and join affiliate programs to promote once you’re accepted into the affiliate network.

Some affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, as you’re going to find out, can be hard to apply to or require you to make a certain amount of sales to remain part of the program.

Having access to affiliate programs at the start of your journey is a game changer when you are new to the affiliate marketing world. So I reccomend you check out these affiliate networks if youre looking for the best affialite program.

  1. Amazon Associates– The best affiliate profram for bloggers.
  2. Impact Radius – Best for anyone starting out looking to join affiliate programs.
  3. SHARE A SALE– A lot of general brand are part of this network.
  4. AWIN– Where you’ll find some of the new an up coming barands.

What is affiliate marketing?

If you don’t know what it is, you’ve at least heard of it. As an affiliate marketer, you recommend products, services, and brands to others, most often using social media or a blog.

Have you ever gone into a store and seen someone promoting a new product? They might be standing behind a table full of the products merchandise and giving out samples. Well, affiliate marketing works in the same way but translates to dollars in the online world.

Companies pay you a percentage amount of the sales you help bring in through your unique affiliate link to their products or services. Because you can do it online and through social media, it lets you promote to a larger audience, which basically means more opportunities for you.

How to start affiliate marketing?

You can start by sharing links to your favorite products and services you already use. Most affiliates require you to apply and be accepted before you can promote their products.

One of the easiest ways to start affiliate marketing is by joining affiliate networks. Once you’ve joined an affiliate network, you then have instant access to most of the affiliate partners on that network.

Once you’re accepted into the affiliate program you choose, you’re going to want to grab your affiliate links and assets and promote them on your website or blog. Here’s a guide to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

Why should you use affiliate marketing networks?

With affiliate networs you elemenitate the need to look up commission prices and sign up process. As I mentioned once you join an affiliate network you gain instant access to most affiliate programs.

These networks feature a long list of affiliate programs from the companies and products use on a daily basis and you can also find new and unique affiliate programs through these affiliate networks.

Also because since thier main goal is to connect you to affiliate programs you can easiliy see the commission rates and access all of your affiliate links and resources for all of your affiliate programs from within the network dashboard it self of the affilite network youre part of.

Lastly you can use multiple affiliate network and have access to a even large pool of affilitate porgrams at once.

The top 10 Affiliate Networks I recommend.

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

although its not a network Amazon Associates is starting off the list, arguably because its one of the most popular affiliate marketing program. I say this because we all know Amazon as the number one eCommerce platform globally.

Since Amazon is such a large company a lot of people already shop with them so promoting products to your viewers is a lot easier. They can purchase with ease of mind knowing it comes from a company they already know and trust.

This also means you have a large selection of products and services to choose from so regardless of your niche, you’ll be able to find something to promote.

How Amazon Associates Works

This affiliate marketing program is one of the easiest to be a part of. You can access the affiliate marketing program by searching for Amazon Associates on Google or simply clicking here.

Once you’re on the homepage of the website, you’ll sign up and create an account. If you already have an existing Amazon account, you can log in with your login details.

Then you’ll be asked to fill out a form with basic information regarding your account, profile, payment, and website information, and voila, you can now start using Amazon associates to promote products.

You’ll then have 180 days to complete three or more sales through your affiliate links in order to remain part of the program. Since its a program and not a network your playing by all of

Promoting affiliate links with Amazon Associates

Amazon associates have the easiest promotion method, which lets you promote any products sold on their platform.

All you need to do is search for the name of a product. You can then generate an HTML, standard link, short link, or even a display ad for each product.

Any time someone clicks your link, they’ll be taken to the product page on Amazon, which will earn you a commission once a purchase is made from that link.

Any item purchased right after clicking your link will also earn you a commission from that sale.

So, for example, if you as a blogger generate an affiliate link for a book on Amazon and a member of your audience ends up on Amazon through your link and purchases that book and an additional highlighter set, you will enjoy a commission not just on the book, but the highlighter set as well.

How does Amazon Associates pay you

Now I’m sure you’re interested in knowing how much you can earn with Amazon Associates. Of course, affiliate marketing income is all dependent on how well of an audience you have. But don’t worry, Amazon has you covered.

You can access Amazon’s Fixed Standard Commission Income Rates for Specific Categories from your dashboard.

This introduces you to fixed standard commission rates for some products. For example, for Digital Music, Physical Music, Handmade, and Digital Videos, you can enjoy a commission of 5% of the purchase price.

For physical products like Books, Kitchen Appliances, and Automotive, you enjoy a commission of 4.5%. The list goes on and on, and commission percentages increase when the product value increases.

For example, Beauty Products commission is 10% higher, almost twice the products listed above.

Pros and Cons:


  • Amazon has a variety of products.
  • People are more comfortable using Amazon since it is already a household name.
  • Amazon offers a higher fixed commission for bounties (trials to specific Amazon products). Ranging from $2 to $10.
  • You get an additional commission when the person who clicked on your affiliate link purchases any extra item.


  • Comparatively, Amazon offers the lowest commissions to affiliate marketers.
  • This program requires you to make a sale within your first ninety days to stay in the program. A general lack of traffic or lack of purchases will lead to your removal from the program.


IMPACT RADIUS is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

Although Impact Radius is not considered an affiliate program strictly, it is an affiliate marketing platform. Therefore, it does provide the same services and opportunities as other affiliate marketing programs.

What makes Impact Radius different is that they host affiliate programs for big brands like Target, Canva, Shutterstock, Walmart, Hostgator, and many more.

Impact Radius offers bloggers a variety of categories. Some examples are Apps and Downloads, Computers and Electronics, Pharmacy, Health, and Beauty.

What to expect from Impact Radius

You can access the Impact Radius affiliate marketing program by simply clicking here.

Click on APPLY NOW on the website as you are directed. Next, create your account by filling out some question boxes and sign up form.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. You’re required to complete your profile to get verified before joining any affiliate program through the marketplace.

These steps are simple and are highlighted by the website—the form only requires basic information, so there should be no trouble signing up.

It can take 24 hours to be approved and granted access to the marketplace. From there, you can browse all the different partner programs Impact Radius has with a different company.

You can pick a program you like to promote and apply for that deal.

Each program offers you ads that these big brands have already made, which you can also use in your blogs. It is hassle-free and does not require much creativity.

By clicking on get CODE, you gain access to the hyperlinks of the brand you’re promoting. In addition, just like other affiliate marketing programs, bloggers can generate links to include their website.

Payment structure for Impact Radius

Impact Radius pays out with PayPal, bank transfers, and a wide variety of options. You can manage this directly from their user-friendly dashboard, which also allows you to monitor your progress. It also offers users the ability to create short affiliate links or custom landing pages for each brand.

Since Impact Radius only helps you connect to different brands in different categories, each brand offers affiliate marketers in-app sales and online sale percentages set directly by the company you promote.

For example, Namecheap will give you a commission percentage for each domain you help sell using your affiliate link. You can also earn a fixed or reoccurring commission on other services they provide.

Pros and Cons


  • Impact Radius implements a variety of big brands, therefore.
  • You can get both low and high-paying commissions.
  • The incorporation of dashboards makes it easy for you to know how much progress you have made.


  • Compared to other affiliate marketing programs, Impact Radius can be difficult to navigate.
  • Impact Radius does not display affiliate earnings per click but rather the average of a hundred clicks.


SHARE A SALE is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

Share A Sale has been around for a while and therefore has built up a solid following. The main downside of this program is that the program’s website can be quite difficult to navigate.

Like the previous affiliate program, Share A Sale offers you the opportunity to connect with different brands to promote services and products to your audience in return for a commission.

With opportunities to work with companies like Grammarly, Masterclass, Legacy Box, The Dollar Tree, etc. It partners with a lot of well-known companies.

Share A Sale stands out by offering cookies ( time a user has to buy the item). What this means is that you have a thirty-day duration to make a profit. So if a user visits your link but does purchase until 25 days later, you still make a commission.

How Share A Sale works

Sign up for Share A Sale click here

The process to create an account is similar to the previous ones and can all be done in five steps. You’ll have a progress bar to let you know how far you are as you complete the form.

ShareAsale has a tab called Power Rank. This tab lists all the best deals available to the user. These are the best performing deals so it’s important to look through them and identify which you can incorporate into your blogs.

Once you’ve signed up you are automatically directed to the marketplace where you can search for an affiliate to promote their multiple categories including one called “power zone” which allows you to search by the best paying affiliate.

Keep in mind that much the previous affiliate program when you find an affiliate you are interested in promoting you still need to apply to the program before you can get an affiliate link and promote it.

Once this link is generated, all you have to do is incorporate it into your blogs and get paid once your audience makes purchases through your affiliate link.

The time it takes to get approved depends on the program itself and most often they will email you with their terms and affiliate links you can promote.

But if this duration exceeds thirty days you will make no commission.

The payout structure for Share A Sale

Share A sale is the first one on this list that allows you to earn per click as well as regular commission. The PPC (pay per click) is dependent on the individual blogger’s ability to get lick and the programs available. On average users earn about $100 per 100 clicks.

You can also negotiate commissions so it is important to have as many affiliate links as possible. However, it is essential to only negotiate when you have generated quite a lot of traffic to the brand.

You can see you progress of each of your affiliate links and the programs you’ve been approved to from the MERCHANT STATUS tab.

Pros and Cons


  • ShareAsale has a variety of big brands and companies at its disposal.
  • Allows you to interact with product managers and negotiate for better rates.
  • Allows you to offer coupons to your audience.


  • ShareAsale can be very confusing to navigate
  • Bloggers have a limited period to gain commissions. Once your day cookie expires, you cannot get a commission for purchases made via your affiliate link.


AWIN is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

Awin is another great affiliate marketing network available for bloggers. They partner with companies like Fiverr, Trip Advisor, Etsy, and so many more.

This is, so far, the easiest affiliate marketing program to navigate. It is SEO friendly and allows you to see the different countries and regions your traffic is coming from.

How to get started with Awin

As I mentioned above, Awin is extremely easy to navigate. You can access the Awin affiliate marketing network by clicking here.

To create an account, click on ACCOUNT and follow all the steps outlined.

If you haven’t created a user personal or target audience profile yet, this will be the time to do so, as one of the main parts of signing for Awin is to describe the audience you will be offering your affiliate marketing links to.

Once signed up, the ADVERTISERS tab will give you an overview of all the programs you are a part of. You can select JOIN PROGRAMS to see a list of different programs from which you can join.

To join the program you can click on the plus button on the right-hand side of your screen.

Like other affiliate marketing programs, All you need to do is generate links to make a profit when your audience buys products from such links.

In addition to the affiliate links you can generate, Awin offers you videos and banners that you can incorporate on your blogs for more traffic.

Awin’s payout structure

Since Awin is an affiliate network, your pay is determined by each affiliate program you join, each with its own unique payment metrics. Awin has over 13,000 advertisers at your disposal to choose from, and about 925 of 1000 people who apply for a particular brand will get approved.

You want to join as many affiliate programs as possible to have more income streams available.

Track and see your average earnings, how much balance you have, and your current commissions for the month, all from the dashboard.

On top of that, Awin also shows you the earnings per 100 people who click on your affiliate link. Unlike the other affiliate marketing programs and networks, the payment structure here is a bit lower since with an average of 7 cents per 100 clicks. So you’ll need close to 1,430 clicks to make $100.

Pros and Cons


  • Awin is easy to navigate.
  • Awin allows you to contact the affiliate company you wish to join directly.
  • It gives you a detailed overview of all the programs you are on.


  • The pay per click is lower than other affiliate programs.


COMMISSION JUNCTION is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

Commission Junction is arguably the largest, oldest, and most established affiliate company. This makes it perfect for bloggers who write on personal finances to travel and everything in between. They work with companies like Barnes & Noble, Overstock, Bye Bye Baby, and many more.

How to sign up for Commission Junction

Much like the first affiliate program, Commission Junction requires that you generate traffic and sales within your first half-year of signing up to maintain and keep your account. Therefore it is important to have a big audience on your blog before signing up.

The signup process is pretty simple and straight, for you can get started with commission junk by clicking here. All you need to do is to fill out all the forms made available to you.

Once you are logged in, you can view all the commissions you’ve, made the impressions you’ve gotten, and a lot more.

All this can be viewed on the dashboard.

To get an affiliate link, you click on the ADVERTISERS tab. This shows you a list of programs to which you can choose to apply to. Once you’ve been approved and joined a program, you can generate affiliate links to that program.

Once you have generated your link and shared it on your website, it is available to be accessed by your audience.

Payment structure for Commission junction

Commission Junction has a Pay per Call feature that pays you if you get one of your audience to make a call.

Once anyone joins and purchases through this link, you get a commission from that purchase. So, for example, with Fiverr, you have the potential of making $25 to $115 for any new membership.

Commission Junction offers you a variety of rates. For example, with Coverwallet Commercial, you earn a fixed rate of $30 per sale, and with 1-800 Postcard Marketing and Aardvark Travel Insurance, you get a commission of 8% and 25% per sale.

Pros and Cons


  • As a result of how large and how old Commission Junction is, products are trusted by users.
  • It offers bloggers a variety of companies and products to choose from.
  • The commission earned with Commission Junction is arguably higher than the others.


  • Bloggers risk losing their accounts after their first half-year period if they fail to generate huge traffic.
  • Getting approvals from companies can take a long time.


RAKUTEN ADVERTISING is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

Rakuten offers two programs, so It is important to differentiate between Rakuten and Rakuten Advertising. Even though the same company establishes them, Rakuten provides cash back for shopping through partner stores.

While Rakuten advertising is into affiliate marketing, Rakuten Advertising works with many companies and brands like New balance, Lego, Best Buy, Old Navy, Target, Sephora, etc.

How Rakuten Advertising works

You will then need to fill out some signup forms, which will consist of your name, email, area of interest, company name, etc.

you can sign up with Rakuten Advertising Affiliate program by clicking here.

Once you sign up you will be led to the dashboard.

To locate the various companies and brands on Rakuten you click on PROGRAMS and CATEGORIES.

This will display all the affiliate programs available and their respective rates. To apply, you have to click on APPLY, and you will be manually approved later.

Once you get approved, the company will be displayed under your MY ADVERTISERS list. To generate your affiliate link, you can click on the company name, and you will be able to generate links for products or the company’s information.

It would be most beneficial to bloggers to copy the affiliate links. These links, in turn, can be pasted on your respective websites, which would direct anyone who clicks on them to the products. If any user then purchases such

Rakuten Advertising allows you to overview the people who saw your affiliate link and the people who made purchases. It also displays the total number of commissions you’ve made. A product, you will get a commission.

Getting paid from Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising allows you to refer and earn $25 for every person who uses your affiliate link to join Rakuten and spends a minimum of $25. They, in turn, will earn $10. It’s a win for the company, the user, and you.

Pros and Cons


  • Rakuten offers a variety of products and services.
  • For example, the Rakuten advertisement allows you to send money to people to use your affiliate link.


  • You only make money when your audience makes a purchase that is more than $25.


ULTIMATE BUNDLES is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

Ultimate Bundles is a great affiliate program for people in many different niches. These consist of workbooks, e-books, gardening bundles, writers toolkit bundles, etc.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, Ultimate Bundles offers blogger training marketing training before bundles are released. This is especially beneficial to novice bloggers looking to start their affiliate marketing journey.

Signing up for Ultimate Bundles

You can sign up with the ultimate bundle’s affiliate program by clicking here. Once you are on the web page, all you need to do is sign up to gain access to the numerous bundles it offers. This is very simple, given how user-friendly the interface is.

Ultimate Bundles offers you categories over a short period. As a promoter, it is your job to share these bundles on your blogs and maybe write on them and earn commissions when these bundles are purchased.

The bundles sold on Ultimate Bundles are only available for a short period. Therefore it is important to begin campaigns before the duration passes.

Being paid from Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles allows you to sign up as an affiliate partner and make a 40% commission whenever a bundle is purchased through your affiliate link. What you do is help promote and sell products.

The payment system is straightforward and beneficial to affiliate marketers. For example, as a blogger, you enjoy a fixed percentage of 40% of whatever product your audience purchases through your affiliate link.
Ultimate Bundles offers you a product list that you can read through. The prices of bundles range from $500 to $4,000.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultimate Bundles offers bloggers a huge percentage commission on bundles sold.
  • First-time affiliate marketers have the opportunity to be trained.
  • It is extremely accessible. A free eBook is provided to make pricing and blogging easier.


  • Ultimate Bundles offers bloggers a fixed percentage commission of bundles sold.
  • Bundles don’t last for long; therefore, sale operates on a first come first serve basis.


Skimlinks is especially beneficial when you need to recommend products from big companies like Target and Amazon. You do not need to work directly with these big businesses, but Skimlinks can be your middleman. Some other brands and companies available on Skimlinks are Walmart, Sephora, and so many others.

Skimlinks turns product links into affiliate links specifically so bloggers can make money from these affiliate links on their blog sites.

All you have to do is generate links from these merchants and their products, share them on your websites and enjoy commission on purchases made by your readers, commissions when your readers click on the merchant’s page, and commissions that combine both of these processes.

How Skimlinks works

SIGN UP for a FREE account with Skimlinks here. You’ll have to insert your information into the spaces provided. As a result of how accessible the user interface is, this task should not take you more than ten minutes to complete.

The MERCHANT SEARCH is an important tool for affiliate marketers who use Skimlinks. It allows you to access companies and brands whose products you can generate affiliate links from to enjoy commissions. It is located on the left-hand side of your page. You can filter products by names, countries, rate type, and so more.

Just like many affiliate marketing programs, Skimlinks displays the most successful brands and companies first.

How does Skimlinks pay you

Another metric for which bloggers should consider is the earnings per click of the various merchants.
Skimlinks allows you to increase your rates based on the amount of traffic you generate. In addition, it allows bloggers to monetize content creation.

Pros and Cons


  • Skimlinks offers the services and products of a variety of companies and brands.
  • Skimlinks has been around for a long time and so is trustworthy to users.
  • As a result of its interface, it is straightforward to use and navigate.


  • Skimlinks offers low rates for beginners.


Shopstyle Collective is more beneficial to fashion bloggers and people who blog on Do it yourself fashion techniques. The webpage for Shopstyle Collective is extremely artsy and colorful. It is a versatile tool that will prove to be an asset to bloggers who are truly interested in using it.

It includes a blog of its own and shares blog posts weekly. This can be helpful if you are brainstorming for ideas. They share a lot of ideas, sales you can blog about, and fashion tips.

How to sign up for Shopstyle Collective

Head over to the Shopstyle Collective affiliate program page here.

On this webpage, you can choose to either sign up by clicking on APPLY or sign in if you have a preexisting account.

Once you click on APPLY, you will be directed to a page where you must fill in your contact information on the spaces provided to register as an affiliate marketer.

Once you are done, you will be directed to your dashboard, where you will be introduced to all your tools to manage your account.

With the search bar, you can search for any product you are interested in. The widget is what you use to generate an affiliate link on whatever product you are interested in. A widget has whatever product you are interested in.

Once you copy your affiliate link from this widget, you then incorporate it into your website. Immediately your audience clicks on these links; they will be directed to your selected product on Shopstyle Collective.

The Payment structure for Shopstyle Collective

The Analytics feature gives you an idea of the interaction you have had with your products, traffic sources, which tools work best for you, and many more.

While there is no stipulated amount for the commission you acquire when someone purchases through your affiliate links, the products on Shopstyle Collective are expensive; therefore, you can rest assured that whatever percentage you get will be sufficient.

Pros and Cons


  • Shopstyle Collective is easily accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Shopstyle Collective is niche-specific; therefore, you will have so many tools accessible to you as a fashion blogger.


  • Shopstyle Collective does not have a registered percentage for commissions.
  • Shopstyle Collective can be difficult to use for persons who are not into fashion.


Grove Collaborative is family-friendly and eco-friendly. So if you are a blogger interested in protecting your environment and family against harmful products and materials, Glove Collaborative is perfect for you.

How to access Groove Collaborative

Bloggers can access this affiliate marketing program by simply clicking here.

Groove Collaborative is free to join and you do not need to do any form of registration to join.

How then do you generate an affiliate link? First, on the dashboard, you need to click on the GROOVE AFFILIATE PROGRAM tab. This will direct you to a video on how the program works. Then, what you need to do is scroll down and click LINKS under PROMOTIONAL TOOLS.

Your affiliate link will be available for you to copy. In addition, you can copy and post these links on your website for your audience to access your products.

Getting paid from Groove Collaborative

Affiliates with a free account get a 20% commission anytime someone purchases an item with their referrals. They also acquire a 5% commission on second-tier referrals.

As established above, Groove Collaborative offers a commission of 20% to users who join for free. However, pay to be an affiliate marketer. You get a 40% commission on any purchase made by your audience who clicks on your affiliate link. You also earn a 10% commission on second-tier referrals. Groove Collaborative also offers a Platinum Lifetime offer of $1397. This payment can be made one time or paid to offer five months.

Pros and Cons


  • Groove Collaborative allows you to join for free without having to do any registration.
  • Groove Collaborative promotes eco-friendly products which are beneficial to the environment and society.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Groove Collaborative only offers you a higher percentage of commissions if you subscribe to a paid program.
  • If you are not into blogging about eco-friendly products, Groove Collaborative can be limiting for you.

These affiliate programs can help take your online business to the next level. If you are still unsure or just starting, check out my 5-day challenge to get your business started here.

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