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Instagram Stories continues to soar in popularity, and it's easy to see why. The feature provides an exciting new way to share your life with followers, giving them a more personal experience, but it can be hard to increase your viewer count if your account has been stagnant lately. Here's how to get more Instagram story views.

Do you have an Instagram business account and can’t get your Instagram story views to increase? As a result, your views are stagnant, and you can’t reach new audiences.

You’ve tried everything, and still, your stories don’t have the reach you need to grow your business?

If you’re looking for an effective solution to increase your Instagram story views, read on because, throughout this article, we will give you all the keys to growing your story views.

Nowadays, everything happens on the internet, both in your private and professional life. If you are not on the internet, you are nowhere, and it will be challenging to build a profitable online business if you do not grow an excellent online profile that attracts your followers.

Instagram story views

What is currently the best social network to grow an online business?

If you’re building an online business, Instagram is the best tool to increase your audience and revenue in just a few months. Allowing your brand to be recognized worldwide.

Instagram started as a social network where people from around the world shared their photos for no real reason other than to entertain and share their best memories. Today, however, Instagram is much more than a feed full of beautiful, well-edited photos: it is a worldwide showcase for millions of small business owners who seek success every day.

It is not strange to see users’ growth in this social network become stagnate after a few months. This is because in the last two years, the algorithms by which the platform interprets all the information we share have hardened, and it is increasingly difficult to know what to do and what not to do to get more views.

This makes our work as entrepreneurs more demanding, and we have to better study the strategies that allow us to increase our engagement in both stories and posts.

Throughout this article, we will give you the keys that will allow you to quickly increase your story views and continue to grow your business on Instagram. Here’s how to get more Instagram story views

Let’s get started!

The essential guide to increasing your Instagram story views: 8 successful strategies to increase your reach on Instagram stories.

1. Keep quiet. Don’t share a story for a period of 24 to 72 hours

This may seem contradictory.
“Why stop sharing stories when I want them to have more views?”
“Won’t it be counterproductive to stop sharing content?”
“Won’t the algorithm penalize me?”

The answer to all three questions is no. It won’t penalize you, nor will it cause your reach to plummet. It’s just the opposite, and in fact, the more time you spend without posting, the more reach you’ll get when you post again.

The Instagram platform wants all its users to share content on a daily basis, with multiple stories and weekly posts In order to keep their social network alive.

Although we feel that we have to constantly please the algorithm to help us grow, the reality is that the algorithm is nothing without us, and if we disappear, panic sets in.

So when you disappear for more than 24 hours. Once you post a story again, the platform will not only put you in the prime first spot in the news bar of your followers and the general public. But it will also notify them that you have shared a story after a long time of being inactive, letting them know to click through to see it quickly.

This doesn’t happen when we share stories regularly, so it’s worth taking advantage of this strategy that the platform itself has created for our benefit without asking anything in return: just come back and share content, lots of content.


Since Instagram has gone to the trouble of sending all your followers a notification that you have published a story and announcing your return for free, take advantage of it and make stories that will leave your views wanting more. The more eye-catching they are, the more followers you will get to stay to see your next publications.

2. Be creative with your stories: Use stickers to make your Instagram stories more unique

One of the quickest ways to increase your reach with Instagram story views is to be creative; maybe it’s a unique angle or a different take on how you take your pictures, as we mentioned earlier you want to make your story more eye-catching.

The best way to do this is using Instagram stickers.

Instagram stickers have been around for a while now. Most of us know how to use Instagram stickers to enhance our stories.

But did you know you can also create your own stickers to use repeatedly, helping you build your own unique style?

Here’s how to make your Instagram stickers for your stories.

3. Allow your followers to share your stories.

This tip is vital to get the reach of your account to multiply because if your followers can only see what you post and can not share it with their other followers, your content will remain stagnant. As a result, you will never get beyond your initial audience.

This feature is perhaps why social networks exist today and the primary purpose for which they were originally devised: to share content in a chain to reach all parts of the world.

And it is thanks to this feature that we, as users of the platform, get to discover new talents on the internet: a young singer who covers famous songs and shares them in his stories, an artist painting oil paintings in his room, adventurers and sports enthusiasts who share their travels and experiences through reels that they later upload to their stories, and a very long etc.

Therefore, don’t forget to activate this feature to allow all your followers to share your content and make it viral.

Here are the three simple steps you need to take to activate it and start enjoying all its advantages:

To do this, open the app and go to the ‘Settings’ section that you will find in your profile
Once inside, select ‘Story controls’
Look for the option ‘Allow sharing’, and activate it

4. Adapt all your content to the format of stories

The fourth trick to increase the visibility of your stories is to relate all your branded content in this format. With this simple trick and by adding tags with various hashtags relevant to your industry, you can reach a new audience that you can’t reach through traditional posts in the feed.

By now, everyone knows that the visibility of your profile no longer depends so much on using hashtags on the feed posts since most of these popular hashtags are overcrowded and only generate 1 or 2% of visits.

But knowing how to strategically use the tags on your stories can triple your reach.

That’s why we recommend that you adapt all the relevant content of your business to the stories format, and whenever you publish something on your feed, share it through the stories to double its reach and the chances of someone new seeing you.

For example, IGTV videos, the live you do with your fans, a reel, your product shipping policies, your store’s product catalog, etc.

Anything you can share that contains information of interest about your company, and your services should be incorporated into the story format.

That is where your project’s success and your brand’s visibility in this social network lie right now.

5. Eliminate ghost followers.

In recent months there has been an increase in the number of ghost accounts on Instagram, which at first may seem harmless but in the long term can have a very negative effect on the visibility of your stories.

A ghost follower is any follower that does not generate traffic on our account, that is, a user who follows you but neither interacts with any of your publications, nor visualizes your posts, nor performs any type of activity on their own account.

The only thing this type of fake account does is “dirty” the system and harm the actual statistics of users, so we recommend that as soon as you detect one in your stories, you delete and block it quickly.

The reason why they can harm you is basically because of the way Instagram interprets the data generated by the stories.

If you have too many ghost followers watching your stories that do not share anything of what we upload nor interact with our content, Instagram will interpret that our content has no value and will not make other new users see it.

This will cause our engagement to plummet because of those fake followers. Detect them and remove them. Your account will thank you enormously.

6. Prioritize the quality of your content.

You’ve most likely had this phrase said to you by many people before, and I’m sure you’ve read and heard it in multiple articles and videos about marketing strategies for Instagram.

And they are right because it’s crucial that you start prioritizing your content’s quality over quantity to improve your account’s reach.

If you’ve been sharing multiple stories on your account daily for a while and your visibility has stagnated or decreased, maybe you should start thinking about whether what you’re sharing in each of those stories is important and if it’s valuable content for your followers.

If you usually upload more than 10 stories a day, but in none of them you share relevant information about your company, nor do you get the attention of your viewers.

In the end, your followers will stop seeing your content and search for other accounts whose stories manage to generate more interest. Unfortunately, this causes the visibility of your stories to plummet and your growth on the platform to stagnate.

Therefore, prioritize the quality of your stories and don’t worry so much about trying to upload X amount of times a day. Instead, everything you share is giving something of value to your viewers.

This is the only way to get your followers to stay and wanting to know more about you and what you offer. Our advice as experts in the field is to show yourself often in the stories, and talking directly to your followers always has a good effect.

Talk to them as if you were talking to a good friend and tell them about the values of your project. That will make your followers trust you more in what you share and will want to keep hearing from you.

On the other hand, if you are a small business owner, it is also very effective to show the process of making your products. The “Making off” reels always manage to go viral, so do not hesitate to use them in your stories to increase your visualizations and reach more people. Don’t forget that quality is always better than quantity.

7. Use a call to action to get your followers to interact with your Instagram stories.

A good way to increase your visibility in stories is to use the multiple tools offered by the platform to interact directly with all your followers, such as using the Survey, Form or Questions tags.

A good way to increase your visibility in stories is to use the multiple tools offered by the platform to interact directly with all your followers, such as using the Survey, Form or Questions tags.

You don’t need to use complicated questions; simple things that make your followers interact with your account are enough:

For example, do you like rainy days or are you a sun and heat lover?
What do you prefer: tea or coffee?

These small surveys will make your reach double in just a few hours. The platform loves it when you use its tools and will reward you for doing so, so don’t hesitate to do some survey or question two or three times a week.

8. Publish your stories at prime time.

All the tips we’ve given you will help get more Instagram story views. However, that improvement in your views isn’t any good if you don’t post your stories at the right time.

Luckily, businesses’ Instagram accounts provide a series of weekly statistics that will help you know in which time slot your followers spend more time connected. If you have more female or male followers and even the countries in which you have a greater reach.

Use this data to your advantage and always try to publish your stories in the most active time slots. This way, your reach will be much higher, and you will reach a new audience more quickly.

Hopefully, this article has helped increase your reach and the amount of Instagram story views you get; also, remember that this takes time. If there was a magic instant setting we could turn on, we would all have it by now.

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