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Global online ad expenditure is expected to hit $137 billion by 2022. There is no doubt that everyone wants a part in the digital ad space, from companies wanting to rent display ads space to digital ad space owners looking to make more money. As a result, there are tons of opportunities to earn some money advertising for companies online. Here are share 6 ways you can get paid to post ads for companies online.

1.Facebook Ads

If you like to make video content, then I have some good news for you. Facebook allows video content creators to display ads on their videos in return for some good money.

You have to create a Facebook page and then uploading original content. As soon as you reach the monetization requirements, you’ll be able to monetize your videos. All live videos and video-on-demand with at least 600,000 views in the last 60 days can be monetized.

Facebook allows you to insert short ads before, during, and after your videos, similar to YouTube.

From 2019 to 2020 alone, there has been an 88% increase in the number of content creators who make $10,000 per month. Within that same period, video ad payout to content creators has grown a whopping 55%. This makes Facebook one of the best companies that will pay you to post ads.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform out there. Not only that, Facebook accumulates a total of 4 billion video views daily, making it a platform where you can quickly get established, get views, then get monetized for the videos you create, making it the easiest way to get paid to post ads online.

How to be eligible for Facebook video ads:

  • Besides having 600,000 views on your videos, you need to ensure that you have at least 10,000 followers and a minimum of five active videos.
  • You must be 18 years or old.
  • The videos you post must be at least a minute long.
  • You should have at least 30,000 views for 1-minute on videos that are 3 minutes or longer. Or you should have at least 15,000 engagements on a video within the last 60 days.

Also, you must comply with all three monetization rules to be eligible for the Facebook Ad partner monetization. These include partner monetization policy, community standards, content monetization policies.

With community standards, you have to ensure that the videos you post contain no nudity, violence, and hateful speech. The partner monetization policy lays out rules on how your page can receive payments, the type of content your page creates, and how your page shares content. In addition, the content monetization policy lays out rules on the kind of posts and videos published on your page. Read more about these rules on Facebook’s business page.

Some alternatives to Facebook videos ads include:

Posting ads if you have a large Facebook following.
Creating a group and then posting ads in those groups.

2.Posting Ads On Your Blogs

Creating a blog is the best way to get paid to post ads online. Bloggers get paid by Google to post ads on their pages. Making money by posting ads on blogs has been one of the oldest ways to make money online. Through Google Adsense, you can make money through people clicking or impression actions on your website.

So, how do you get started? It is simple, follow the steps below:

  • Start by creating a blog on either WordPress.org, Weebly, Ghost, Tumblr, Blogger, or other reputable CMS.
  • After creating your account with any of the CMSs, you want to pick a niche. What this means is that you want to choose the type of content you will want to post. For example, you can talk about finance, sports, food, health, or any niche you love to write about. There is no way you are going to gain traction if you keep blogging about random topics.
  • After choosing the niche, the next important step is to pick a theme. The theme refers to the framework on which your website will be built. This includes features such as the position of images, background color, layout, and many others. Here is a post to help you pick the perfect theme for your website.
  • After picking your theme, it is crucial that you stay consistent and then write interesting topics people will love to read about. As a beginner, you want to ensure that you post at least two to three blogs every week. Doing this will help you establish yourself and help you get monetized by Google quickly. Make sure the content you write is in-depth and of high quality. Shy away from copying other people’s content because Google will penalize you for that.
  • After creating your content, make sure that you optimize your website for the Google search engine. Optimization ensures that your website shows up on the first page of the SERP. Here are some tips to help you optimize your website.

The good news about Google AdSense is that your blog doesn’t need to have a huge following or certain minimum clicks for you to be eligible. All you need is a blog with a couple of content on it then you become eligible. However, you want to make sure that your website complies with Google AdSense policy to be eligible.

The amount of money you make from blogs is affected by several factors including, geolocation, your niche, and the type of ad network. However, the main deciding factor will depend on the number of organic clicks or impressions your blog generates.

Google AdSense is the most popular way to monetize your blog by posting ads; however, there are other alternatives such as:

  • Native ads
  • Direct ads
  • Video ads
  • Affiliate marketing ads
  • Display ads
  • Amazon Associate program
  • and a lot more alternatives.

If you want to learn more on how to Get Paid To Post Ads Online with a blog, take my four-day challenge and start today or check our more stuff.

3.Instagram Ads

Instagram is the home of influencer marketing. Small companies with low budgets are looking to pay individuals with many followers to post their ads. If you have a large following on IG, you can start reaching out to companies to see if they are willing to allow you to post their ads for cash. However, most likely, most companies will reach out to you first. Generally, once your page surpasses 3,000 followers, you can start posting ads and charge people for these ads.

So, how do you become an influencer? Here are some tips below

  • Choose a niche: Similar to blogging, choose a field you would love to influence. For example, you can choose to build your Instagram profile around tech, dogs, cats, food, or travel.
  • Once your bio is ready, you want to ensure you post consistently. Make sure that the pictures or videos you post are Instagram-worthy.
  • Start following your friends and also pages that share similar content as yours. Ensure that you engage with your audience by replying to each comment and liking these comments as well.
  • Learn to use the right hashtags. Hashtags on IG are like keywords on Google. They help you reach your target audience and help you pop up on search results when people type in the keywords in your hashtags.

We highly advise that you do not buy followers because buying followers will give your page a bad engagement rating. Also, you will not get verified by Instagram when you meet the requirements needed for IG verification. So, instead of buying followers and bots, one way to go about this is to ask other pages in your niche for shoutouts.

The second way you can make money on Instagram is through IGTV ads. Instagram Tv has finally joined the ad monetization space. Instagram will start paying content creators to post ads on their videos on IGTV. Content creators will be required to post 15 seconds ads at the beginning of their videos.

However, there are certain requirements you must meet for your videos to be monetized. These requirements are:

  • Your videos need to be longer than 2 minutes.
  • You need to have at least 10,000 followers.
  • They need to meet all Facebook monetization policies.
  • All your videos need to have at least 30,000 one-minute views over the last 60 days.

Instagram will pay content creators 55% of the ad revenue they get from each ad, just like other monetization platforms like YouTube. Also, it is important to note that payments will be disbursed once you reach the $100 threshold.

Finally, it is important to note that the IGTV ad monetization isn’t in full effect. Even though some creators have qualified for monetization, the monetization scheme will be fully rolled out for every creator that meets the requirements above by the end of 2021.


The next platform which you can get paid to post ads for companies online is YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine besides Google, with 5 billion videos watched every day. This makes YouTube a platform to easily establish yourself as a video content creator and get paid.

So, how can you get monetized on YouTube? There are five main requirements to meet to get monetized on YouTube. These are:

  • Your channel needs to adhere to all of YouTube’s monetization policies.
  • You need to live in a country where the YouTube partner program is supported.
  • You need to have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Your video should have at least 4000 public watch hours within the last year.
  • Your YouTube account should be linked to a Google AdSense account.

Once you meet these requirements, YouTube will send you an email to notify you whether you’ve been approved or denied to join the YouTube partner program. However, 90% of the time, you would be approved if you follow all YouTube community guideline policies. Also, once you get approved, you have the option of choosing where the ads would be placed on your videos.

Once you hit $100, YouTube will issue a check to the address of your choice. YouTube pays content creators 55% of the ad revenue they generate.

The revenue you get from these ads will depend on the number of viewers that watch the ads placed on your videos. In addition, the type of content you create will also determine how much you get paid per ad watched. This is also known as CPM. For example, a finance channel will have a higher CPM than a real estate channel.

You must select videos that comply with the advertiser-friendly guidelines to serve ads. Selecting any videos that don’t comply with the advertiser-friendly guidelines wouldn’t be monetized.

The truth is meeting these requirements as a beginner can be challenging. However, here are some tips to get you started.

  • The first step to starting a YouTube channel will be to choose a niche. You want to make sure that you choose a passionate and knowledgeable niche, not a niche with a high CPM.
  • Choose a channel name that resonates with your target audience. Also, ensure that you write a detailed explanation of your channel about section and choose a great cover and profile photo for your channel.
  • After editing your channel and choosing your niche, you want to develop a strategy on how often you will post your content, who your target audience is, and then a goal you want to achieve, for example, the number of subscribers you want to get by the end of the year.
  • Choosing the right equipment, such as the right lighting equipment, sound equipment, and video equipment, can fast-track your way to getting many subscribers within a short time frame. Here are some great equipment suggestions for beginners.
  • Post quality and original content consistently.
  • Choose a catchy thumbnail for your videos.
  • Learn about video optimization and how the YouTube algorithm works.

This guide should help you create a unique YouTube channel.

The YouTube partnership program isn’t the only way you can get paid to post ads for companies online. With YouTube, you can also establish yourself as an affiliate marketer, and then advertise for companies and individuals. However, with this, you would have to specify in your videos that you are an affiliate of the product or service you are advertising. Usually, with this model, you will either get paid to advertise or you can get paid a cut per each sale you bring or both.

In addition, you can get sponsorships from companies to post their ads.


TikTok has risen to become one of the most popular social media platforms. With over 1 billion monthly active users, companies are tapping into the large user base of TikTok to get their products and services out there, and they are willing to pay great prices for people to advertise their products for them.

In fact, a lot of new creators are using Tiktok not only to get paid to post ads online but also to drive traffic to their commerce and even website and blogs.

While there is no official monetization program on TikTok, you can work your way up to become a TikTok influencer, and then you can get paid by companies to post their ads. In addition, through the TikTok creator marketplace, TikTok matches brands and various creators together in one space. This way, brands can easily find influencers within their niche and pay these creators to market their products or services for them.

The good news about TikTok is, you can become a viral sensation overnight compared to other social media platforms, thanks to the TikTok algorithm. And with the tips below, you should be able to amass a large following.

  • Define and understand your demographics. Defining your demographics means you need to understand the people who will watch your videos and the kind of content they expect.
  • After defining your demographic, the next step will be to check out the trending list to see what is working. Once you know what is working, you want to replicate these trends in your way.
  • Once you know what is trending, you want to create your videos and then post consistently. This will help the algorithm promote your post.
  • Do not forget to promote your TikTok page on your social media platforms.
  • Pair up with other TikTokers you know, to grow your audience.
  • Engage with your audience by replying and liking their comments.
  • Come up with your trends and promote these trends.

Following the tips above should help you build a large following and then help you become a TikTok influencer. However, once you start gaining enough followers, you can start approaching companies and offer to advertise their products for a fee. Usually, the amount of money companies are willing to pay depends on the number of followers you have or your engagement rate.

Finally, we recommend you leverage your TikTok audience and then transfer that audience to your YouTube channel or Instagram page, and other social media platforms, and vice versa.


Another way you will get paid to post ads for companies online will be through podcasts. When you become a podcaster with a substantial amount of following, companies will start paying you to read out their ads to your audience. This strategy is called host-read ads. It involves a commercial play at the beginning, middle, or end of a podcast, and it is often put together by the host of that podcast. ‘

Companies understand the value they can get from capitalizing on the relationship between a podcast host and their audience; therefore, they do not mind paying a couple of dollars to get their product or service out there through the host.

So, if you have a podcast or if you are looking to start a podcast so that you can read out host-read ads, here are ways you would get paid to do that:

i.CPM Model

Usually, companies buy ads based on the reach of the podcast. What this means is that assuming you have a podcast that has an average of 3000 plays, these companies will pay you to reach these people. Usually, the more your reach or the plays you get, the more money companies are willing to pay for you to advertise for them.

This strategy is called CPM in the podcast industry, and what this means is Cost Per Mille, and the mile stands for a thousand. So, the companies are going to pay you based on the number of impressions you get in 1000s. So, for example, if you charge $10 per CPM, then companies are going to pay you $10 per 1000 downloads, if you get 3000 downloads, then companies will pay you $30, and so on within a month or 60 days period.


Usually, with the CPM model, you will be required to have 1000 plays and above before companies will want to work with you using this model. Sometimes, you will be required to have at least 50,000 downloads within a month. This makes the CPM strategy non-ideal for smaller podcast hosts who get less than 1000 plays per show. However, you can try out the sponsorship model for those of you who get less than 1000 plays.

With the sponsorship model, usually, the host isn’t paid based on the number of plays or downloads their podcast gets within a specific period. Usually, the companies will go on a long-term deal with the podcast host regardless of the number of downloads or plays the podcast host gets for each episode. This makes the sponsorship model great for podcasters who have small or average-sized audiences and big podcasts.

So, how does a sponsored ad work? With a sponsored ad, the brand sponsoring you will pay you, while you will be required to write up an ad that seamlessly fits into your content. Usually, companies will pay you based on how much revenue they think you can generate for them in the long run.

To find sponsors for your podcast, you want to know the companies already spending money within your niche. To find these companies, start by listening to sponsored podcasts within your niche, and then make a list of the companies that are sponsoring these podcasts. Next, please write down the sponsors and then reach out to them.

But just before you reach out to these, you want to ensure that you understand your listeners/audience and know the product or service you want to advertise to them resonates with them. Because if the product resonates with them, they’ll be willing to pay for these products or services. After you understand your audience, you can confidently pitch these companies the value your podcast offers them. This way, the companies will be more willing to sponsor your podcast than if you do not know and understand your audience.

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