5 Things You Can Automate In Your Online Business

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The things you automate in your business are what’s going to help you build passive income.
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Starting and running a business isn’t as easy as it looks. Yeah, it’s fun, and yeah, it seems like a dream, but the reality is that for a long period, you’re wearing all the hats.

Embracing automation is the only way to enhance, drive growth, and increase the efficiency of your business. The more you’re able to streamline different parts of your business, the more you’re able to scale and grow your business, making it passive.

Looking back from when I started, these are the five things I would have automated earlier.

  1. Website Design.
  2. Content.
  3. Emails.
  4. Social Media.
  5. Task Management.

Why automating your business makes a difference.

So, first of all, automating your business isn’t a shortcut to success. What I mean is that you’re not going to be able to just pay others to do the work and have a successful business.

You first need to learn how to do the work yourself. Before I started to outsource any work, I learned how to do it myself because of two things; one, I knew the price of what it cost, but I didn’t know its value so by teaching myself how to do it I learned it’s true value.

Also, since I learned to do it myself, I knew exactly how to teach someone else my style and techniques so that they could recreate the same work for me, essentially helping me automate my business.

Automating different parts of a business is really about freeing up time to spend doing other things that you’d otherwise spend on the tasks you automate; as I said earlier in the beginning, you wear all the hats, but now comes time to delegate some of those hats off.

In no order, these are some of the things that I know can make a difference in it comes to automating an online business.

5 Things I Outsource And Automate In My Business.


Building your website is something that you’re able to do yourself, and you can have your website up and running and about four steps if you are curious or want to get started head over to my homepage and click get started now. Try to build maybe a page or at least make a few design changes until you understand how it works.

From there, you can take shortcuts like creating mock-ups of the design of your website and handing those off to a developer who can incorporate CSS and the implications of your design.

This saves you time from having to manually envision the look of your website while also creating it at the same time. If you are looking for custom websites, Spinnedweb.com is where you want to be.


I built a few different websites before this current one. One of the websites was to provide financial information, and another one was on travel and destination. Between writing for those two websites, I learned the power of outsourcing articles.

When I began this website I was really focused on the design, so I found a few freelance writers who could create two or more pieces of content for my website just to get the ball rolling.

Now that Im not as focused on the design, I’m writing a lot more of the content. This is something I want to automate later in the journey, but for now, Im learning how to duplicate what I consider to be my writing style.

This is helpful when you outsource an article to writers you’ve already briefed on your writing style. This will save you time every time you outsource an article, from editing to briefing the writer. Make your content automation as efficient as possible.

Create A Custom Email Lucas Silva

3. Automate your email/communication

I kind of just set this up once and let it go. Really it’s actually really simple. Let me explain.

So, an email or communication is captured on my website. Rather than having that hit my email directly, it first gets intercepted by MailChimp, which determines where the email or communication came from triggers and automated responses.

This speeds up and automates the process and maybe also take away the uniqueness of interacting with each individual person.

Yes, it does, but I also argue that not every interaction garnishes a unique individual response some are really just a hi, hello, nice to meet you.

Overall, the less bothering you can do, the better, so having an automated email reply system in place can spare you time and help foster relationships you’d otherwise miss.

A man multitasking, holding a glass of water and using a laptop to check Instagram story views.
A man multitasking, holding a glass of water and using a laptop to check Instagram story views.

4. Social media

Okay, yeap, I know. What do you mean social media automation?

I don’t mean figuring out a posting schedule or getting someone to do it all for you. This one is a little more intuitive.

Social media automation is about learning to do it in a way that’s beneficial to you rather than toxic. Don’t worry about trends. Focus on your own self.

You want to use your phone to be more productive rather than just consuming content. Learning to automate social media by using it to create rather than consume is the start.


The last thing you want to focus on when starting to automate your business is what are the little things you can delegate that take up too much time personally those are management tasks for me.

figuring things out like when something is done or should be done by while something is should be posted by what needs to be worked on while what is still being worked on.

all of these things are things that I personally think take a lot of time to schedule the obvious answer here is to hire a personal assistant.

this is someone whos job is to help you manage and coordinate you and your business schedule and everything more efficiently and freeing you time.

I personally I’m not comfortable handing off that kind of task to just anyone just yet because I’m still very connected with what Im doing instead I became very clear on what my phones purpose was and started using the build in apps such as Notes, calendar, reminders etc more deliberately.

This helps turn your phone into something more productive you also learn to keep your projects clean and informative, but the alternative is always to hire a personal assistant if you want to make it fully automated.

Quick Summary

The things you automate in your business are what’s going to help you build passive income.


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